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Campaigners to protest outside Ealing Town Hall about overdevelopment of Southall Green as government public inquiry set to begin

Campaigners against over development in Southall are to hold a protest outside Ealing Town Hall on Tuesday (11 October 2022) from 9am to voice their concerns and opposition to plans by Ealing Council and Peabody to develop 564 new flats spread across multiple buildings.

They are inviting residents and businesses from Southall and across Ealing to join them in what they say is about taking a stand against what is happening both in Southall and across other parts of Ealing.

The campaigners say the development is being planned to happen without any improvements to the existing infrastructure such as GP surgeries or school places to support it and will also reduce parking spaces in the area for those who travel there for shopping or attending religious and cultural events.

Due to concerns raised by the campaigners, a government public inquiry will begin on 11 October 2022 and last eight days.  It will take place inside Ealing Town Hall that will allow residents views to be heard.  Afterwards a decision will be taken if the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for The Green should be allowed.

The campaigners say that high rise flats will also reduce much needed car parking for visitors to the Dominion Centre and to businesses as the developers plan to offer no more than 90 parking spaces on the development.

In details of their plans, Peabody said on its consultation website: “Parking for residents living at The Green will be minimal given the development’s accessible location. However, 90 parking spaces will be provided to replace the existing car park on Dominion Road.”

In a statement, the campaigners said: “Ealing Council and Peabody Housing are planning to develop 600 new flats on Southall Green/Dominion Car Park and reducing car parking at the Dominion Centre Car Park. This is happening without listening to residents and without any improvements in the surrounding infrastructure. There are no plans to either create additional medical surgeries or school places.”

They say that anyone who wants to join them and needs help getting there can contact them. In announcing the protest, the group said: “If you need help with transport to get there and join us please contact Balraj Purewal on 07882 537336.”

Despite campaigners saying they are not being listened to, Peabody claims it is listening to local residents and fully engaging with them. In its consultation website for The Green development it said: “We currently own and manage over 500 homes in Ealing, with more than 750 homes (including The Green) in our pipeline. At The Green, our ambition is to work with the community to deliver a great place to live, which will have a significant impact both locally and for London.”

It also confirmed how its plans to allocate the housing with 50% being for rent as “affordable housing”. “The Green will provide 564 new homes, including 50 per cent (by habitable room) as affordable housing (London Affordable Rent and Shared Ownership) and the rest available for private sale.”

Simon Barry, regional development director said in a statement following approval by Ealing Council to its plans: “We are pleased that our plans have been approved for The Green to become a destination and a home for hundreds of residents. The Green will create public spaces for new and existing residents to live and socialise, whilst connecting them to green space and providing new jobs. “We are looking forward to continue working with Ealing Council, the local businesses, community groups and local residents to transform the town centre at The Green.”

Over the last couple of years, residents have raised their concerns but they feel Ealing Council has not listened to them.

On a Change petition, created by Shree Sorathia Prajapati Community (SSPC) in Southall, concerns have been raised about the impact the development will have on the religious, cultural and business communities.

“This car park is absolutely essential for the local businesses and community to both survive and thrive,” said one person.

“This car park is vital for continuation of all cultural and social activities of peace loving SSPC community with thousands of members,” said another person.

EALING.NEWS has approached Ealing Council for a comment.

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