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Ealing Council plans to expand controlled parking zone to another 40 streets in Hanwell with Brentside CPZ

Ealing Council has announced that it is seeking to expand control parking zones (CPZ) in Hanwell which could see them in operation for a minimum of four hours a day by the end of this year. 

40 Hanwell streets including Cuckoo Avenue, Greenford Avenue, Bridge Avenue, Copley Close and Borders Road are included in the plans.

The proposal for Brentside CPZ follows what the council says has been “various parking complaints from residents and ward councillors” that have been made and has opened a consultation with residents who could be impacted by the proposals and would require a parking permit if a CPZ was implemented.

Brentside CPZ proposed area
Brentside CPZ proposed area

The council has created a proposal for a “Core Consultation Area” and a “Outer Consultation Area”.

In a consultation document sent to residents in the proposed areas to be implemented with a CPZ, it says: “The council have received various parking complaints from residents and Ward Councillors, regarding an increase in parking issues in your area. Parking controls have been introduced in Poets Corner and this has lead (sic) to some parking being displaced as motorists seek the nearest available free parking.”

According to the council: “The core area of parking concern includes those roads where the majority of parking issues have been raised and is the primary reason for undertaking this consultation in your area. If a CPZ were introduced solely in the core area, much of the parking that previously occupied that area, would inevitably move into neighbouring, uncontrolled streets. In view of this, we also consult an outer area. This is where we anticipate this parking moving to and residents of this area are given the opportunity to be included in the zone if one is introduced.”

It added: “Depending on the response to this consultation, a controlled parking zone may be recommended in all or part of both areas. The council will always seek to establish a logical and appropriate zone from the consultation areas identified in the plan. However, if there are some roads within the consultation areas that would not like controlled parking, the councils CPZ Policy provides the flexibility to amend the boundary if a suitable zone from those in support can still be

It adds: “We are also aware of some long standing parking issues across the wider area. Roads such as Elmbank Way and Brookbank Avenue are susceptible to parking displaced from those attending local schools. In view of this, we believe the area would benefit from controlled parking and we are seeking your views to see whether you would like controlled parking introduced in your street.”

In its proposal, the council states that the operational times for new CPZs are for at least four hours a day.

“New CPZs within Ealing, will operate for a minimum of 4 hours per day. They will aim to alleviate the main cause of parking pressure in an area, while also ensuring that short
car journeys within the borough are discouraged. Longer controls enable more effective enforcement, whilst also helping to reduce the environmental footprint of transport
by encouraging the use of active travel.”

CPZ cost
CPZ cost

The cost for a parking permit starts from £50 and goes up to £125 a year depending on the car emissions. Electric cars get a £20 reduction while diesel cars manufactured before 2015 cost £50 more.

Ealing Liberal Democrat Councillor Gary Malcolm, Leader of the Opposition told EALING.NEWS: “With parking/CPZ the crucial thing is that people are consulted about possible changes and they ensure that they publish the goals of the project plus how they will monitor the success.”

Locals in the impacted Hanwell areas have told EALING.NEWS of their concern.

One said: “The council says it has received various parking complaints but doesn’t tell us how many and how often. I live in Harp Road and parking has never been an issue here. This is just about making money.”

Another said: “I’ve lived in Cuckoo Avenue for more than 20 years. I’m worried that Ealing Council is using the school run to penalise car owners.”

One other local said she could see a need but is uncertain if it will actually deal with the problem. “I live in Kennedy Road and during school term it can get difficult for us to find a parking space with people dropping off at Brentside. But do I want to pay to park in my own road? Also there is no guarantee I will get a nearby space if everyone else pays for a parking permit as well.”

The closing date for the consultation is 6 February 2023. The council revealed next steps. “Your responses will be analysed and discussed with your Ward Councillors. We will endeavour to publish the results online within a month of the end date of the consultation”.

It added: “In line with the Councils CPZ Policy, if the majority of respondents support the proposals, a CPZ will be introduced. The exact extent of the zone and the operational times, will be determined by the responses to this consultation.”

“Prior to implementation, the Council is required to carry out a 21 day statutory consultation. This process provides the public with a further opportunity to comment on the proposals. All comments and objections will be considered and responded to, before any decision is made to proceed to implementation.

“Following this process, if a CPZ is approved for implementation, it will usually become operational within approximately 6 months.”

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