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Greenford gets a pizza the action with Little Caesars

Pizza lovers from across Ealing along with Ealing North MP James Murray came to Greenford Broadway to celebrate the launch of the first Little Caesars in London.

The number three pizza chain in the States opened its Greenford branch, which employs 10 people, in March 2024 following its UK reappearance after more than 20 years with stores in Derby and Nottingham.

During the Saturday (18 May 2024) afternoon celebration, locals queued up to get free pizza with 100 lucky customers getting one free pizza every month for a year and another 150 people getting a free pizza on the day.

Unlike most of its competitors who discount their pizzas, Little Caesars offers every day value pricing with large pizzas priced at £5 for margherita and pepperoni and going up to £8 to £10 for other toppings. It’s very much about being an affordable and accessible option for all as well as tasting great.

EALING.NEWS had an opportunity to try a £5 margherita. It was a winner. Lots of melted cheese made from a blend of mozzarella and cheddar combined with a tangy tomato sauce that delivered great taste.  The pizza base and crust was unlike other pizza chains, light but deep enough without being deep pan and perfect to hold the amazing toppings that go on it.

Another amazing treat we tried were the cheese and herbs crazy puffs. These are quiche-like pastries filled with Little Caesars amazing ingredients and come as three for £3.99. We also tried a portion of cheesy bread – very tasty!  For £3.99 a great little side dish that was full of cheese and garlic topping and cut into eight pieces.

Speaking to EALING.NEWS, Carlos Vidal, VP international development for Little Caesars said: “We’re bringing the best quality of pizza to the country at a very affordable price. So £5 for margarita or pepperoni pizza. We have other pizzas specialities which are a little bit higher price.”

As people are more conscious about how they spend money during the cost of living crisis, the value proposition that Little Caesars offers looks set to be a success both for customers and the pizza giant. It is already looking at opportunities to grow not just in other parts of Ealing but across the rest of London and the country.

Mr Vidal added: “We’re looking for multi unit franchisees in the market by and welcoming other other interested parties to join the network.  Our aim is to bring the product and make it accessible to a wider and wider range of population.”

Local franchisee for Little Caesars, Rajan Sandhu told EALING.NEWS: “We’re very, very happy and excited to be the first ones to launch into London. We’re happy to bring some more value to the community. It’s an absolute pleasure to have the third biggest pizza brand and to bring that to the UK is very, very exciting.”

Mr Sandhu added that he is looking forward to growing with Little Caesars. “We are looking forward to opening more branches. With Little Caesars we’re looking to grow and expand. So once we do find new locations available, it’s something we’re looking to do.”

And what’s his favourite pizza?  He revealed: “My own favourite is spicy peri peri. I like a little bit of spice and it’s perfect.”

Ealing North MP James Murray welcomed the pizza business to Greenford. He told EALING.NEWS: “It’s great to see business opening on Greenford Broadway. I know so many High Street businesses are struggling at the moment.  To see a business open and employ new people in the local area, it’s really exciting.”

He added: “When I saw the Little Caesars sign go up here a few months ago, I thought I want to find out a bit more about what it is as I recognise the name from America. And then when I looked online, I realised that this is going be the first Little Caesars in London and here in Greenford. So I’m really proud to have that here in Greenford and I’m really excited to be here today to support their opening and even more excited to have some of their pepperoni pizza which was lovely.”

Little Caesars is located at:
1B The Broadway, Unit 3 Red Lion Court, UB6 9FJ

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