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Opinion: Ealing Council “just want to shut us up” over its closure of Perivale Park Golf Course

Dave Chapman, Perivale Park Golf Club spokesperson writes of his ongoing concerns over Ealing Council’s decision to close Perivale Park Golf Course and the way it has been done.

“It’s now nearly two weeks since Ealing Chief executive Tony Clements received a nine point complaint from Perivale Park Golf Club regarding the closure of their home course on Perivale Park

“There will be more complaints following and if these are not upheld the Club will take the case to the Local Government Ombudsman who are unbiased and away from Ealing Council.

“A feature of our fight with Ealing all along has been delay after delay. Minutes from important meetings have taken ages to appear. Important freedom of information requests by us have been delayed. The normal process of recording a key council scrutiny panel meeting on YouTube didn’t happen. We know what this is about, Ealing just want to shut us up and close us down, but our fight goes on.

“It’s obvious what they are doing. The closing date has been brought forward a month after Ealing Council confirmed in writing that the course would close on 30 June 2024 to 1 June 2024 with no explanation and absolutely no consideration for a 100-year-old diverse club that is a social asset catering for people’s physical and mental wellbeing and a social hub for the local community.

“Ealing Council believe that as soon as golfers are out of the way people will be flooding onto the course to enjoy the novelty of walking across a golf course. With any luck Ealing Council can string everyone along until after the general election, then they can do what they intended to do all along absolutely nothing. Forget about all those nice regional park ideas, they’re not going to happen it will be a professional dog walkers paradise, You’ll be able to smell the dog poo for miles. No cafe, no toilets, no community.

“Still estate agents will be happy families living round the park will be selling up and moving on in droves.

“The three main movers behind the closure Councillor Polly Knewstub, Councillor Deirdre Costigan and Councillor Yoel Gordon have betrayed all decent working class people by this act of sheer wanton vandalism. They should be ashamed of themselves for this cruel antisocial act they are about to commit.”

Speaking to EALING.NEWS, an Ealing Council spokesperson previously said: “Public speaking at any of our committee meetings is at the chair’s discretion. Representatives from the golf club were allowed to speak at the call-in meeting in October 2023 when the original decision to proceed with the regional park was considered.

“Following that meeting, there was a full public consultation which golf course users were able to respond to. The chair felt that allowing additional speakers at the meeting on 28 March was not required, as the decision being called in had been subject to a full consultation and also had two opposition councillors presenting the call in.”

When asked by EALING.NEWS on what happened to the recording of the meeting, an Ealing Council spokesperson said: “We apologise for this. Unfortunately, the recording of the meeting was muted due to an error. However, the draft minutes will be produced and published this week, so residents will be able to read what happened at the meeting. Going forward, there will be thorough checks to ensure this does not happen.

“All members of the committee, and members of the public in the public gallery, were able to hear everything that was said from all participants throughout the meeting. The public gallery was full, with representatives from the golf club in attendance.”

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