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Opinion: Ealing Council Labour and Lib Dem councillors have betrayed me and others by allowing tall towers in Acton

Local resident Melisa says local people have been let down by Ealing Council as 12 Ealing Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors approved a Barratt London, part of Barratt Developments, housing development that will consist of buildings up to 17 storeys high on a site located by Horn Lane and the A40 Western Avenue.

“Seemingly, this was a fight that we never were going to win. It felt very strongly as if the deal had been done some time ago. It was an appalling decision by Ealing council and after the meeting has left me upset, frustrated, and feeling betrayed. Once more, greedy, and opportunistic developers have had their way, ably aided by useless and uncaring Ealing councillors who readily voted in favour of this project to go ahead.

“The whole meeting felt like an absolute sham. Barratt got five minutes to presentation. Residents were allowed one person and three minutes only to explain our views. Is this how they pass projects that are going to affect real people’s lives?

“What is the point of new consultations if residents’ concerns and views are not taken into account?

“The points concentrated on by a number of councillors were ridiculous. Very little was said about safety, parking, or privacy. But we did hear about the gym, which has no bearing for local residents whatsoever. Councillors did not ask in deep questions like: if there is a fire in your 16-storey building, which is the evacuation route? How do planning to bring the fire engines on site if there are more than one? Will be enough space for that? Which road or route are you going to use unload material for the construction to the site?

“What about the deliveries? Which roads will you use for that? Park View is a closed road for cars. Is it going to be re-opened? Cloister road is so narrow and there is an issue with parking and deliveries already. Will traffic Horn Lane be affected? Has TFL approved the access through Horn Lane?

“Will there be compensation to the house owners like me and my husband that will be losing 20% of sun light in many rooms, as well as their gardens and houses being bathed in shadow?

“Some of the councillors just babble and no one even bothers to get close to the microphone to speak, or even bother to read Barratt’s appalling report in more detail, which apparently was full of wonders. Instead, they just praised them for the ‘’good quality of the design’’ … whatever that means!

“I was offended by the patronising comment of the councillors who made the comment that about Cloister road mentioning that many roads where people pass all the time are common, which is true, but this road is a Cul-de sac! and at least it has been like that for the last 20 years! All residents bought the house because of the cul-de-sac!!! Safer for us and kids!

“Apparently, the councils planned to come and inspect the site at Cloister Road– they didn’t even bother to check the wall in Cloister Road which is so important for us – apparently, they did it from the hotel across the A40!

“I have to say at least David Crawford spoke up for us and tried to bring the important points and the Conservative councillor also spoke some common sense in our favour, so I’m grateful to them for that. The rest couldn’t wait to get home.

“In 2022, Councillor Peter Mason, leader of Ealing Council said in January 2022: “We do not want to see the spread of skyscrapers in Ealing’’ but that is exactly what is happening! Just look around North Acton or Ealing. This is a precedent for Ealing Council to dish out planning permissions to the likes of Barratts to build whatever they like, anywhere they want. So, the gates of hell for residential West Acton are wide open now! The ONLY tall building is forcing its way to the skies of West Acton residential area!”

View the full planning committee meeting below including North Acton Councillor Daniel Crawford speaking out against the development


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