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Parents for Future and their children to gather at Elthorne Park in Hanwell after school on Friday to raise awareness for Global Climate Strike

Children and parents across Ealing will be gathering at Elthorne Park in Hanwell after school on Friday (September 23 2022) to show support for the Global Climate Strike which happens on the same day. 

Parents for Future – West London, is organising an afternoon of activity which includes a pop-up wind farm on display along with crafting wind turbines and other games for children to play and take part in.

The Global Climate Strike, started by Swedish environmental teenage campaigner Greta Thunberg, aims to put pressure on governments and make them take action to stop climate change.

Parents for Future - West London
Parents for Future – West London event on 23 August 2022

Just recently launched Parents for Future – West London, has been founded by Ealing parents who they say are “demanding a safe and just energy strategy to secure a clean green future for our kids.”

EALING.NEWS spoke to Susan O’Leary, community organiser, Parents for Future, West London about the group and what they are about.

How long has your group been around and why was it set up? Is it part of a network of other groups across London or the UK?
Parents for Future is a global network of grassroots parent groups who regularly contribute to international climate action campaigns.

Parents for Future UK (PFF UK) was formed in 2019 by a small group of mums inspired by the youth climate strike movement. They aimed to engage more adults in love-led activism and help make the climate strike movement more inter-generational. PFF UK’s aim is to inspire and empower adults to move from caring to acting on issues of climate, social justice and biodiversity and grow climate engagement. In essence it aims to normalise climate advocacy for parents.

How many members do you have and how often do you meet?
The West London branch of PFF UK is brand new! We hope to take practical and hopeful local action, and to support each other. Our membership is currently small but growing and we warmly welcome any new members. We will hold our first get-together in October.

What will be happening at this event?
The event is a fun family friendly after-school event and will include a pop-up wind farm, crafting wind turbines, snacks, games and prizes. All ages are welcome.

How do people find out more about your group?
To stay informed of what PFF – West London are doing, our social media channels and local WhatsApp chat are as follows:

Also, PFF UK regularly holds Meet n Greet sessions. They are fantastic way to get a quick overview of what we’re about and our aims.

Why is it important for people in Ealing to get involved?
We hear from parents all the time that they feel stifled and powerless because they don’t feel they can make a difference and yet their heart is breaking when contemplating the future that faces their children if immediate action is not taken with regards to the climate crises. By joining together we hope to enable parents to be part of the change – be parents for a future – and be able to look back and tell their children, they did everything they could.

PFF West London firmly believe that by acting together and sharing, it helps in dealing with the anxiety that comes with facing up to the climate crisis. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been involved in climate action before. Supporting events such as this is a fun, easy and hugely accessible way to get started with campaigning for a better future for our kids.

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