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Warren Farm Nature Reserve campaigners welcome result of public consultation in favour of rewilding Warren Farm

Local campaigners who want Southall’s Warren Farm to be designated a nature reserve have welcomed the results of Ealing Council’s consultation on the future of the site which it says show the majority of respondents to the survey wish to see Warren Farm to be re-wilded.

Asked what they valued most about Warren Farm, 70% said they liked its biodiversity and open green space.

Brent River & Canal Society (BRCS) Trustee, Phil Belman remarked: “Despite the questions which were heavily loaded to a ‘sports’ outcome, it seems that this is not the view of the majority of the consultation’s respondents. This was a clear vote for wildlife and public access. Ealing Council take note please! 12,700 people on our petition are asking you to deliver the Brent River & Canal Society’s Vision. It is time to listen.”

Katie Boyles, Trustee of the Brent River & Canal Society and Warren Farm Nature Reserve campaign organiser said: “We are delighted with this response. Despite some of the leading questions in the survey, the message that the local community want to see the re-wilded state of Warren Farm Nature Reserve preserved comes through loud and clear.”

Ms Boyles added: “It’s looking really good for the future of wildlife here, especially for those species such as our skylarks, a red-listed bird facing extinction in the UK. Skylarks need wide open spaces that enable them to nest on the ground away from fencing and trees, which predators can use as perches to pick-off their chicks. Their numbers are increasing year-on-year here and Local Nature Reserve designation for the entirety of our wildflower meadow will be a huge step towards safeguarding this unique habitat for them and for future generations to enjoy.

She also confirmed that they are “looking forward to further discussions with the council on the detailed proposals for Warren Farm Nature Reserve over the next few months.”

Currently, Ealing Council is in the process of deciding the fate of Warren Farm which it’s leader Councillor Peter Mason has said should also incorporate sporting facilities.

Councillor Mason said: “We can see that that many people want to see the rich nature and biodiversity of the site protected in the future, but we also see calls for new sports facilities from across the community as well​. A whole decade has passed with young people missing the opportunity to play football, cricket and other field sports on the Warren Farm Sports Ground. We need to make sure that the sports players of tomorrow have that chance.”

Brent River & Canal Society Trustee and Warren Farm Nature Reserve campaign officer, Steven Toft commented: “This consultation shows that people are already using Warren Farm as a recreational nature reserve very much in line with the BRCS Vision. People value the re-wilded open space and use it to take regular exercise whilst enjoying the wildlife. Councils are being asked to increase biodiversity and healthy life expectancy. A nature reserve on Warren Farm will help to do both. The consultation has clearly shown that this is what people want.”

A full council meeting with its proposals will be held in November 2022.

To view the full survey results, click here WarrenFarm.consultationreport.030822

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