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Ealing Central and Acton MP, Dr Rupa Huq leads local tributes from Ealing to The Queen in Parliament and memories of Her Majesty visiting the borough

Local MP for Ealing Central and Acton, Dr Rupa Huq paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in Parliament saying “we will never see the like of her again” following the death of Her Majesty last week (8 September 2022).

At a packed extraordinary sitting of the House of Commons on Saturday (10 September 2022), Dr Huq told fellow MPs and those watching the proceedings that The Queen had visited Ealing and recounted a story about when The Queen came to officially open Ealing Broadway Centre.

Dr Huq said: “For locals my age, it will always be 1985 that we remember. It felt as though half my school had bunked off for it — except square old me. Many classmates who pulled a sickie got rumbled when the teacher saw them on the evening news, but she could not get too cross.”

Dr Huq added: “I was 13 but it was a big deal, my older sister still remembers it vividly”.

As well as the 1985 moment, Dr Huq recounted the splendour of 1977’s Royal Jubilee and the street parties that took place across Ealing.

“I remember my five-year-old mind being blown by the fact that I was sitting eating cake in the middle of Pitshanger Lane,” she said.

More recently, during the Golden Jubilee in 2002, The Queen came to visit Gunnersbury Park.  Dr Huq says it left a lasting memory on the then-Mayor of Ealing and former Councillor Kieron Gavin.

Dr Huq spoke warmly and called that in conversation with Her Majesty, Mr Gavin asked: “if she was ever tempted to take the head off while knighting with her sword someone she didn’t like. She replied that it’d be totally inappropriate. But she might nick the neck a tiny bit if they’re particularly irritating.”

Finishing her tribute, Dr Huq said: “we will never see the like of her again”, before concluding with, “The words “end of the era” cannot sum up 70 years, but as the Elizabethan era ends, another begins. It will take some time to get used to, and there will be new stamps and coins in time. May she rest in eternal peace. God save the King.”

Since Saturday, Dr Huq has been active in further community and formal events to honour The Queen.  On Sunday (11 September 2022) at 2pm, she attended the Proclamation of King Charles III outside Ealing Town Hall alongside local councillors and fellow Ealing MPs Virendra Sharma of Ealing, Southall and James Murray of Ealing North.

On Monday (12 September 2022), Dr Huq attended King Charles’s address to both Houses of Parliament – Commons and Lords – in Westminster Hall.

She said: “The nation is united in grief. Like Kieron Gavan, the one-time republican who was utterly captivated by meeting her, told me, it is a sad moment locally, nationally and internationally. Even Johnny Rotten who once snarled “God Save the Queen” has issued a glowing tribute. It’s no exaggeration to say we’ll never see the likes of her again.
It may take some getting used to but the baton passes on and as for King Charles, long may he reign over us. I will be attending Her Majesty The Queen’s Lying-in-State this week to pay my respects.”

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