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Ealing Lib Dems announce its candidate to challenge Rupa Huq to be MP for Ealing Central & Acton

Ealing Liberal Democrats has selected Alastair Mitton, a veteran party member and Ealing local campaigner to stand for its party when the next national election is called.

While no date has been set for the next national election, the current Government has to call an election to take place no later than 2024.

Mr Mitton, 63, has lived and worked in the borough for over 40 years. During the 1990s, he had a “hole in the wall shop” in St. Saviour’s Walk at Ealing Broadway. Prior to living in Hanwell, he called Perivale home.

EALING.NEWS asked him what it means to stand and what has he got to offer.

Have you ever stood as an MP before or as a councillor?
I stood for council in the 1982 election for Perivale and in 2018 and 2022 for Elthorne. This will be my first parliamentary election.

What do you do for a living? 
I am a self employed designer having worked in the fashion and jewellery sector. I also own a bar in Brighton.

How long have you been involved with Ealing Liberal Democrats? 
I first joined the party in 1977 and as I say stood for election in 1982. I then took a step back to concentrate on being a dad to my son who was born in 1984. I had acutely felt the absence of my father who had been very involved in business and politics and was determined that history would not repeat itself.

What skills do you have that you think will make you a good local MP?
I passionately believe in trying to leave the world in a better place than when you found it. My mother taught me that it was not acceptable to just say that someone should do something. The someone had to be you and the something had to be a solution. Having had 40 years of working for myself I have learnt how to address practical problems. Gandhi said that the best way to find yourself was to lose yourself in the service of others.

Prior to our interview, Mr Mitton in a statement said he was looking forward to making a change for Ealing Central & Acton and taking on Labour and Conservative candidates.

On Conservatives:
“The Conservatives are in complete disarray with more abrupt turns than a finalist on Strictly. The public must be getting dizzy, no one can plan their life. The markets have come to their damning verdict on this government, and it is costing ordinary, hard-working people dear, it will cost them even more in the coming weeks and months.

On Labour:
“Labour have abandoned Ealing, it’s just not good enough to say they are holding an investigation into Rupa Huq. Kier Starmer and Sadiq Khan have both already condemned her comments as racist. If Rupa Huq had a shred of decency she would resign and face the voters. Labour’s record locally is one of failure almost everywhere you look, it’s time for change. I look forward to the election whenever it may come, the earlier the better.

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