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Ealing Central and Acton Green Party candidate Dr Kate Crossland on why she wants to become MP

On 4 July 2024, the UK electorate goes to the polls to vote for who they want as their Member of Parliament. 

EALING.NEWS has asked all candidates standing in the three Ealing constituencies of Ealing Central and Acton, Ealing North and Ealing Southall 7 questions about who they are, what they hope to deliver and why they want residents to vote for them. 

Dr Kate Crossland standing for the Ealing Green Party in Ealing Central and Acton answers the 7 questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself, your priorities for the constituency and why you want to be the next member of Parliament for Ealing Central and Acton?
I’m an NHS doctor, I specialise in palliative and end of life care. Working with people at the end of their lives is a real privilege but also shows the challenges we face as a society – health and social care, housing, air pollution, poverty.

As well as my day job, I’ve been able to get involved in my local community. I’m currently the chair of my local Residents Association, and a school governor. I’ve run a school PTA and volunteered at a community garden. I like getting involved and the chance to meet new people.

I first became involved in politics after making lots of changes in my personal life to reduce my own and my family’s impact on the environment. I quickly realised that without political change we can’t address the climate crisis. It’s becoming increasingly clear how the challenges the planet faces affect human health too.

My priorities in Ealing Central and Acton would be addressing air pollution in a fair way to all; addressing the many different aspects of the housing crisis; and focusing on improving health and social care.

I feel I have a good skill set to bring to Parliament from my professional and voluntary experiences and would look forward to working to bring real change.

What motivates you?
My Dad died last year – he was someone who was always involved in the town we grew up in. He raised my sisters and myself to be active members of our community and try to create positive change. It is something that was engrained in us, it’s just what you should do. That really motivates me and I guess it’s a kind of legacy of my Dad now too.

Of course I’m motivated by love for the environment too; that’s why I found my home within the Greens. I’m frustrated by the slow pace of change and that drives me to try and find a way forward.

I enjoy learning new things and being involved in politics means you are always meeting new people who can teach you things you didn’t know you needed to know!

What is your own personal connection to either Ealing Central and Acton or any other part of the borough?
Although I grew up outside London, both my parents were Londoners. I came to university here (to Imperial) and settled in West London. I’ve been here 20 years now and apart from missing the seaside, it’s very much home.

What do you consider to be your 5 top political or personal achievements and what impact have they had?
Well in no particular order of either time or importance….

Becoming a doctor – I’m the first doctor in my family. I know that working with my team we really make a difference to people at the end of their lives.

Setting up a Sustainability Network – With the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare and amazing colleagues I’ve started a group looking at how to reduce the environmental impact of healthcare in my field, without compromising standards of care. It’s exciting but challenging and allows me to bring people together to come up with solutions.

PlayStreets – I set up and ran a PlayStreet, which is where a road is closed for children to play out together, on my street. It’s been a great community builder and the scheme continues even today under new volunteers, which is really rewarding to see.

Running an election campaign – I helped run Ealing Green Party’s election campaign for the last Council Election. We came very close to getting Ealing’s first Green Councillor elected. While it was disappointing not to be successful, we built a great team and are getting stronger as a local party.

Running a mile – during the last General Election campaign I was invited to attend an Ealing Half-Marathon event – and someone had signed me up to run a mile! I’ve never been into running but I didn’t want to let anyone down so I did it, finishing at the back. Hard work but I was surprised to find it quite enjoyable. Since then I’ve developed more of an interest in fitness. As part of my role as school governor I am finding out how schools can help teenagers’ mental and physical health through exercise.

What do you consider to be the top 5 challenges Ealing Central and Acton faces and how will you as the MP address them?
The climate crisis – clearly as a Green Party candidate this is a top priority. As an MP I’d push for a fair transition away from fossil fuels, and investment in renewable energy. I’d want to tackle home insulation as a priority, and a way to create good green jobs. Ealing Central and Acton is very vulnerable to climate change – from extreme rainfall causing flooding and sewers backing up, to extreme drought with high fire risk and many people suffering from heatstroke especially in heavily concreted areas. If we don’t do anything about the climate, the people in Ealing Central and Acton will suffer.

Air pollution – This is a real problem in our area. I’d work on an accelerated transition to cleaner vehicles, making sure this was affordable, including for businesses. We need reliable alternatives to cars – public transport and yes, even more cycle lanes. But we need to listen to each other and work out the fairest ways to make changes together.

Housing – as a Green MP I’d be working to introduce protection for renters through rent controls and an end to no fault evictions. We all know the planning system doesn’t really serve community interests so I’d work to give local people meaningful input into new developments.

Health and social care – we need a properly funded NHS and social care system. There’s no magic answer to bringing down hospital waiting times and improving access to GPs – but paying staff properly so they stay would be a great place to start.

Cost of living – this is such a worry for so many people. I’d make increasing universal credit by £40 a week and bringing up the minimum wage to £15 an hour for everyone over 16 a key priority.

What do you love about the borough of Ealing?
It’s just so beautiful and green! The parks, street trees and little pockets of urban nature. Spotting a fox in the early evening; or listening to some noisy parakeets. But then – and particularly since the Elizabeth line – before you know it you’ve left the greenness behind and you can be in central London. Best of both worlds – plus you meet people from all over the world just on your street!

How accessible will you be to Ealing Central and Acton residents and how can they get in contact with you now and if elected how will you ensure you are accessible to them in the future?
I deliberately don’t use social media. That’s because I feel my time is better spent prioritising staying in touch with people- rather than showing off about what I’m up to. I’m happy to reply to emails and you can get hold of me at:

I would hold regular clinics and make sure to do this in different places so I can be easily reached. Plus I love local events and will come to as many as I possibly can!

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