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Ealing North Conservative candidate Maria Khan on why she wants to become MP

On 4 July 2024, the UK electorate goes to the polls to vote for who they want as their Member of Parliament. 

EALING.NEWS has asked all candidates standing in the three Ealing constituencies of Ealing Central and Acton, Ealing North and Ealing Southall 7 questions about who they are, what they hope to deliver and why they want residents to vote for them.

Maria Khan standing for the Conservative Party in Ealing North answers the 7 questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself, your priorities for the constituency and why you want to be the next member of Parliament for Ealing North?
It is an incredible honour for me to be selected as the Conservative Party Candidate for Ealing North. I am Maria Khan, a young, female leader for my constituency, in my early 30s.

When I arrived in the UK, a young 17 year-old teenager, my heart and mind was filled with the ambitions of not only continuing my social welfare activities, but also to excel at studies. The rigorous 5 years at Southampton University gained me the coveted engineering masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics. These formative years instilled in me, a sense of real-life problem solving skills and the need for social good. Many times, I have heard from space bound astronauts that the pangs of separation from earthly human civilisation often led them to understand the depth of humans, humanity and human relations.

Even as I started my professional career in banking with Natwest, my passion for giving back to the community and society kept swelling. After a stint at JP Morgan as one of the youngest VPs, I switched over to a new digital bank – Tandem, with the ambition to help build the UK’s home-grown green bank.

A steadfast believer in strong conservative values like family, democracy, justice and enterprise – these values have helped me drive my decision to join politics and make a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Ealing is a beautiful, diverse and upcoming part of London with so much untapped potential. I am excited to lead Ealing North into this new age journey as I strongly believe we need a young, energetic and passionate leader who is connected to the needs of our voters.

I strongly believe that now is the time for Ealing to elect an MP who can deliver for the people and champion their local issues.

Once I assume office, I aim to deliver on our priorities in making Ealing North an even better place to live.

My top priorities for Ealing North are:

Stopping overdevelopment. Preserving our green spaces, while maintaining the character & essence of Ealing.
Improving the quality & availability of our NHS services and reducing wait times.
Cracking down on crime & anti-social elements, including stricter laws on HMOs.

What motivates you?
My motivation stems from giving back to society. This has been one of the key reasons for my foray into politics.

Our nation provides us many opportunities to serve the underprivileged – be it the NHS or be it non-profits like food banks, British values of community services have motivated me to follow their footsteps. Very recently, I had the fortune to serve the residents at the foodbank organised by Shree Jalaram Temple in Ealing North. My moist eyes could not contain the satisfaction that I got from helping them, nor could I contain my happiness, observing the genuine smiles on people’s faces.

Even as a student, I have led voluntary non-profit efforts like ‘Teach India’ that focused on making primary education available to the weaker economic sections of the societies in India. At Southampton, I participated in many mentoring and guiding sessions for other students in preparing their resumes for job applications – and whenever a student landed with a job, the amount of pride and satisfaction I felt was hard to describe.

At Natwest as well, I helped organise local apprenticeship opportunities & workshops for job creation. Not limiting myself to mentoring apprentices personally, I encouraged students to enrol and benefit from these programs. The satisfaction from the increase in apprentice enrollments as well as student feedback post-apprenticeship, were motivations for me to continue making efforts for such noble causes.

What is your own personal connection to either Ealing North or any other part of the borough? (No response from candidate)

What do you consider to be your 5 top political or personal achievements and what impact have they had?
Amongst the many accolades & recognitions I have received over the years, I personally count my top 5 as follows (in no particular order):

The first – a corporate achievement, and a recognition of my contributions to the Banking, Finance & Technology industries, is the honour of being featured on the ‘Women in FinTech Power List 2023’ with Innovate Finance – a leading independent body for UK FinTechs.

Second, I have led promotion and socialisation programs at Natwest, aimed at increasing local apprenticeship opportunities. I used to visit multiple schools, holding collaboration sessions that spoke about opportunities, benefits, advantages and avenues of student enrollment. The visible positive impact on the higher enrollments, as well as the highly satisfied students, who have later gone on to make a name for themselves in the industry through full-time employment, have been very satisfying for me.

Third, I am a big advocate for more women & other diverse recruitments into fields like Banking, Finance and Technology. Therefore, I have worked extensively to create, lead and promote forums, working groups and training workshops to enable an increasing number of females in the industry. I have led and chaired voluntary groups like ‘Women in Technology’ which are aimed at promoting and achieving a fair & homogenous gender representation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) disciplines.

Fourth, I led the creation and implementation of customer journeys to help defer debt repayments for Covid affected families and businesses by 3 to 6 months, that too without incurring any penalties. This resulted in simple and seamless online experiences that could be accessed by anyone, anywhere, so that people could receive the help and support they needed 24×7.

The heart-warming response I received from customers, families and businesses benefiting from this scheme was extremely rewarding for me personally.
It also helped me realise how I can leverage my technology and banking skills to help communities thrive in even the toughest of times.

Lastly, and perhaps my very first introduction to getting involved in and leading community service, was when I got enrolled to volunteer in the Government of India’s ‘Teach India’ initiative as a 12 year old.

Within this programme, I led initiatives to help organise groups of children from my school to go and teach kids from the impoverished and under-priveledged sections of the society.

As a result, we not only reached and helped uplift hundreds of kids, I was also able to help connect this programme to several locally run government funded schools – who could then enrol these young aspiring kids to get started on a full-time, fully funded education.

What do you consider to be the top 5 challenges Ealing North faces and how will you as the MP address them?
There are several challenges currently faced by the Ealing North constituency and its residents. The biggest ones that I have observed from talking to the residents over the last few weeks are:

First, Ealing North is growing into a concrete jungle, which not only takes away from its character but also leads to a rapid depletion of our green belts. This must be stopped to reduce the growing burden on our education and NHS services. We are also one of the leafiest parts of London and we must strive to protect that.

If elected, as your MP, I shall fight this industrialisation and misuse of our green spaces. At the same time reopen Gurnell Leisure Centre and fight the closure of our Perivale Park Golf Course.

Secondly, HMOs have increased in numbers and when speaking to residents, especially in areas like the Medway Estate, it is clear that they are struggling due to an increase in crime rates and anti-social behaviour.
As an MP, I shall ensure quick implementation of tighter rules around HMOs and clamping down on anti-social behaviour.

Thirdly, the crime rates are increasing in Ealing North. There are also no police stations between here and Acton, therefore, unscrupulous elements take advantage to peddle drugs to school children and resort to other crimes.

As an MP for Ealing North, I promise better policing, reduction in crime and the prevention of drug peddling for better, safer and more fulfilling lives for our community.

Fourth, I am aware that despite record investment in the NHS, we have seen an increase in the number of patients per GP across Ealing North, along with longer wait times. I want to be able to solve this for our residents.

If elected, I shall ensure we get the right funding to improve our existing NHS services. Reduce NHS wait times, and make sure we can provide quality and timely care for patients. I shall also be working to create more community diagnostic centres, ensuring quicker scans and diagnostic checks for people living in Ealing North. My ambition is to make Ealing North the north-star for NHS services.

Last, but certainly not the least, I strongly believe that there is so much untapped potential in the economy within Ealing North. With the right opportunities and investments, I am confident Ealing North can set the benchmark for economic growth.

With my background and expertise in the industry, if I am elected as the next MP for Ealing North, I will be able to rake in investments and ensure we create more jobs. I will strive to grow the local economy by providing the required boost by promoting our local businesses.

What do you love about the borough of Ealing?
The borough of Ealing is a quaint little place, almost fairytale-like and I have always loved the character and the warmth of people here. I love the beautiful diversity and the rich heritage of Ealing as well. I had the pleasure of visiting the Holy Cross Church in Greenford, and I found out that some of the stonework there dates back to the 14th century.

Through my journey of standing as a parliamentary candidate, I got further opportunities to visit its residents, meet businesses and interact with entrepreneurs in Ealing, and needless to say I have received so much love. Ealing, also being one of the leafiest boroughs of London, I would be looking forward to settling down here for good, shortly.

How accessible will you be to Ealing North residents and how can they get in contact with you now and if elected how will you ensure you are accessible to them in the future?I
truly believe that in order for me to do justice to my role as an MP, the local community that has elected me, must have 24×7 mechanisms to raise their concerns or voice their opinions. I am available on:

My website –
My email –

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