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Ealing North independent candidate Helmi Alharahsheh on why he wants to become MP

On 4 July 2024, the UK electorate goes to the polls to vote for who they want as their Member of Parliament. 

EALING.NEWS has asked all candidates standing in the three Ealing constituencies of Ealing Central and Acton, Ealing North and Ealing Southall 7 questions about who they are, what they hope to deliver and why they want residents to vote for them.

Helmi Alharahsheh standing as an independent in Ealing North answers the 7 questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself, your priorities for the constituency and why you want to be the next member of Parliament for Ealing North?
My name is Helmi Alharahsheh, and I am passionate about our community’s well-being. With a background in charity work, education management, business management, and community engagement, I am also a husband, father, uncle, and grandfather. My family grew up in Ealing North, experiencing the struggles of being a working-class family.

Despite being less than 15 miles from Westminster, Ealing North has often been overlooked by our current MP, who prioritises political and party matters over our community’s needs. This neglect is evident in our local NHS, schools and colleges, crime rates, deteriorating infrastructure, the closing of local facilities, and the major disruptions caused by the HS2 project.

What motivates you?
Are you satisfied with the current situation in Ealing North? I think we all agree—it is a big NO. Over the last few years, we have witnessed a managed decline in our living standards, thanks to Labour representation as MP and council and the Conservative government. Both failed us, without any doubt. As a local resident, I share your struggles with rising living costs and declining public services. I refuse to remain silent. I am doing this for all of us, including our children.

For our foreign policy, I am motivated to advocate for fair, ethical foreign policy. Conflicts worldwide impact our local communities, and there is a need for a balanced and effective immigration policy. I support a fair and ethical foreign policy that de-escalates conflicts globally and values every life. Gaza and other conflicts in other parts of the world opened many people’s eyes in Ealing North to the need for a fair and ethical policy. Conservative and Labour MPs failed us and simply allowed the killing of innocent people to keep going by either voting against or simply turning a blind eye to the whole matter – Remember, they put the party first, and we were last on their list.

Additionally, I support a smart immigration policy that benefits the British people and respects the dignity of all individuals. Both parties have no clear plans for immigration, and it seems that both are blaming each other for the failure. The system is unbalanced, and both parties have made it out of control. We must review and balance the immigration system to work for the British people to attract the talent and positive contributions we need, such as NHS professionals and qualified maths/physics teachers.

I am motivated to advocate for policies that protect our green spaces and environment and work to improve transportation infrastructure. This includes ensuring that large projects like HS2 are managed responsibly and do not unduly disrupt our community’s well-being. Efficient and respectful handling of local roadworks will be a priority to minimise inconvenience and improve quality of life. I am also motivated to support expanding recycling schemes and funding.

What is your own personal connection to either Ealing North or any other part of the borough?
Ealing North is my home, my family’s home, friends’ and relatives’ home, and yours. I have no choice but to stay and fight to get Ealing North the attention it deserves. We have been neglected enough, and please do not allow this to continue. If we win this election, we together will be the first-ever independent voice to win in Ealing North. Remember that all mainstream political parties failed and want to divide us. It is time we put all differences aside and make this vote for Ealing North. Lend me your trust and vote, and let us restore Ealing North to be great again.

What do you consider to be your 5 top political or personal achievements and what impact have they had?
Champion of community support and Well-being: I am committed to enhancing the well-being of people in the Ealing North community and beyond as a charity worker. Through my extensive charity work and community engagement initiatives, I have helped countless families and individuals overcome daily challenges, demonstrating my dedication to the community’s collective good.

Advocate for education and youth development: With a background in education management, I enjoyed working with schools, colleges, and universities. My experience enabled me to see the gaps and issues in our education system. I regret sharing with you that our education system needs help urgently as we need more funding for upgrading physical buildings and facilities and more funding in schools per head to deliver high-quality education. It is sad to say that I heard from many parents locally saying that they do not have money to pay for their children’s school external visits or they can not pay for their meals or even their school uniforms. I completely reject this miserable situation for hard-working parents, and it is a shame that we, as the UK, count ourselves as one of the great economies worldwide and a member of the G7. Still, we are unable to keep supporting world-class education due to a lack of funding.

In addition, I truly feel sorry for teachers who are overworked and underpaid and have to work extra hours just to meet performance requirements.

Regarding education, I can say the following: We need to respect parents by offering the support they need to tackle the cost of living, offer more support for education institutions by offering more funding, and offer more support for teachers by enabling them and paying them well in return. Otherwise, I believe we are going in the wrong and reverse direction. I will fight for this if elected as the Ealing North MP.

I will work tirelessly to secure more funding and resources for educational institutions, ensuring that young people in Ealing North have access to quality education and development opportunities.

Voice for economic prosperity: My expertise in business management, particularly in SMEs, has enabled me to understand the underlying issues and struggles young entrepreneurs face. I am meeting with many small businesses in Ealing North to understand their needs and concerns. They are simply neglected. I will support local businesses and stimulate job creation by advocating for policies that boost economic growth and sustainability. There are 5.51 million SMEs in the UK, which make up 99.9% of UK private sector businesses. The same applies to Ealing North. SMEs are the powerhouse of our economy and for job creation, and they are the ones that directly bring economic prosperity to the locality. Some large institutes tend to have centralised headquarters where revenues and profits go elsewhere. SMEs, in one way or another, keep the money locally, which creates more economic growth locally.

Promoter of charity and social harmony: I have a rich record in charity work, where I have successfully brought people together for positive social causes. By working with various charities, I have fostered religious harmony among different faiths and supported those in need. My inclusive approach as a community leader aims to support everyone, regardless of their background, ensuring that Ealing North is a place where unity and compassion prevail. I reject all forms of extremism and divide in our societies. I support the value that we all need to live together in peace and harmony based on our highly valued and respected British Values, which work well for modern Britain: Democracy, Rule of Law, Respect and Tolerance, and Individual Liberty.

Advocate for fair and ethical Foreign Policy: I support a fair and ethical foreign policy that de-escalates conflict worldwide and protects innocent lives regardless of who they are. Every life is precious, and we must work towards stopping conflict and promoting peace on a global scale. The UK is a global leader and one of the 5 permanent members of the UN with VETO rights. We have a huge role to keep playing and must be on the right side of history.

What do you consider to be the top 5 challenges Ealing North faces and how will you as the MP address them?
Tackling the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Challenge: The rising cost of living is putting immense pressure on families in Ealing North, leading to increased poverty and financial insecurity.

My solution if elected:

Utility cost relief/caps: Provide targeted support to alleviate the burden of utility costs for low-income households. Energy companies made record profits during the last few years without proportionate tax contributions back to the government. This should be challenged and stopped by introducing pricing limits and ensuring that companies pay their taxes, which can be converted into support packages for tax-paying citizens.

Consumer Protection: Strengthen consumer protection measures to prevent price overcharges. Car insurance companies, for instance, became a significant issue for people in Ealing North, as many approached me and complained. I am aware of households that pay at least £5000 annually in insurance simply to drive a car. This is unacceptable and unjustifiable. Car insurance companies are getting out of control, and it is time that we stop them from exploiting ordinary people like you and me. There should be more regulations and limits placed on their pricing.

Tax reforms: Reform the tax system to ensure fairness and relief for low and middle-income earners. I will support the proposals of increasing untaxed personal income to £20000 instead of £12,570 to ensure that working-class people have more money in their pockets, which means more economic growth and, eventually, more revenues for the government.

Rent controls: Introduce or strengthen rent control measures to stabilise housing costs. I also feel that the landlords are paying high interest rates. We need to review this and ensure that both sides are treated fairly. Housing is a basic need, not a want. Both political parties take this topic lightly.

Childcare support: We must make childcare more affordable and accessible for working parents. We must also ensure that service providers are fully scrutinised to ensure value for money.

Financial assistance programs: Expand access to financial assistance programs for struggling families, including hardship funds and financial management education.

Healthcare affordability: Implement policies to increase access to affordable services, rejecting private healthcare alternatives. The NHS is one of the greatest assets the British people have. I reject privatisation and will advocate for expanding services for local people. We need to bring down the waiting list; no one should suffer or be deprived of having access to their GP or their local hospital promptly.

Job creation: Invest in local infrastructure and green initiatives to create employment opportunities. I support smart and hybrid working to reduce the cost of transportation, reduce pollution, and enhance work and work-life balance.

Debt relief: Address consumer debt burden through support programs and financial education.
Community support services: Strengthen community support services to address underlying factors of financial instability.

Long-Term Economic Planning: Develop sustainable economic plans for future prosperity and stability.
Upskilling and investing in talent: Provide opportunities for skill development to ensure residents can secure better-paying jobs.
Access to education and personal development: Reduce the cost of university education by replacing student loans with grants and lowering fees.

Improving Safety and Healthcare Services
Challenge: Ealing North faces significant and increasing issues with crime rates and underfunded NHS services, which compromise the safety and health of our community.
My solution if elected: I will push for more funding for the police and NHS to ensure safer streets and neighbourhoods. Increasing the resources available for crime prevention and healthcare services can create a more secure and healthy environment for all residents. NHS core staff should be paid what they deserve, including nurses, doctors, and other health and social care professionals.
Specific plans to reduce crime:
Work closely with local law enforcement agencies to develop community policing strategies tailored to the specific needs of Ealing North.
Secure funding for additional police resources, including increased patrols and improved lighting in high-crime areas.
Support community-based initiatives to prevent crime, such as youth outreach initiatives.

Addressing the housing crisis
Challenge: The housing crisis in Ealing North is leading to a lack of affordable housing and increased homelessness.
My solution if elected:
My plan for housing affordability: Renters and first-time buyers have suffered enough. Therefore, if elected for Ealing North, I will:
Advocate for constructing more affordable housing units in Ealing North through collaboration with local authorities, developers, and housing associations.
Push for policies that promote affordable housing initiatives, such as rent controls, eased first-time buying and shared ownership schemes, and prioritise affordable housing in new developments.
Push to use empty properties owned by councils to shelter people in need. However, this should come with higher-quality controls in terms of health and safety in buildings.
I seek further input from Ealing North residents to advance more ideas and suggestions. I do not support unsustainable solutions that cause local disruptions, such as HMOs, which reduce the quality of accommodation for people. Several demonstrations took place in front of the Ealing Council regarding the HMOs issue. There should be proper consultation with the local people before granting such approvals.

Enhancing education opportunities
Challenge: Education should be accessible to all, yet many students are burdened with lifelong debt to pursue their studies or parents struggling to pay for meals and uniforms.
Some of my solutions if elected: I will fight for the right to education by working to eliminate student debt and ensure that education is treated as a right, not a privilege. This includes increasing funding for schools, colleges, and universities and supporting programs that make education more affordable and accessible. I have listened to parents sharing sad stories about their inability to fund their children’s education, field trips, and meals. Some teachers told me they sometimes pay to buy certain materials from their pockets. We are a great country, and no child should be disadvantaged in education.
Our government should protect the reputation of our universities by supporting them financially; I am glad to see that most of our universities are ranked within the top 1000 universities worldwide as per the recent QS ranking 2025. However, I am concerned that their position is being challenged. Therefore, we need to avoid the current approach to the commercialisation of education, but rather support universities financially so they can do their duty towards the local people, businesses, and the global impact they make through research and education without being concerned with limited financial resources.

Creating local Jobs and supporting economic prosperity
Challenge: Unemployment and lack of economic opportunities are significant issues in Ealing North, particularly for the youth.
Some of my solutions if elected: I will support youth development, local services, and businesses to create more local jobs and economic prosperity. Investing in vocational training, apprenticeships, and small business support can stimulate job growth and provide meaningful employment opportunities for all residents.

What do you love about the borough of Ealing?
As a local man with huge engagement with members of the public and as someone who has his whole family in Ealing North (Wife, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, sons/daughters-in-law, and extended family members and friends), there is so much I love about our vibrant borough of Ealing. Here are a few things that stand out to me:

Diverse and inclusive community: Ealing is a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and traditions. Our diversity is our strength, fostering a rich cultural heritage that makes Ealing a welcoming and dynamic place to live.

Green spaces and parks: Ealing is often called the “Queen of the Suburbs” due to its beautiful green spaces. From Walpole Park to Northala Fields, our parks provide residents with stunning landscapes for relaxation, recreation, and community events.

Historic and modern blend: Ealing seamlessly blends its rich history with modern developments. Our historical landmarks, like the Ealing Studios, coexist alongside contemporary amenities, ensuring that we honour our past while embracing the future. You will notice, for example, that I use the Northolt clock tower as one of the official backgrounds for my posters and flyers. The clock tower was built in 1937 to commemorate the Coronation of King George VI and is at the centre of Northolt Village Green – the heart of our community in Northolt. It is a focal point for the area and a meeting place for residents. We need to restore this historical treasure and greatness throughout Ealing North.

Community spirit: The sense of community in Ealing is very visible. Whether it is the vibrant local markets, community festivals, or neighbourhood initiatives, Ealing residents are engaged, supportive, and always ready to lend a helping hand. I truly aim to enhance this as it acts as another social and mental support layer for people and reduces or prevents crime. We need to remain united and have a spirit where we care about each other. I will not accept the mainstream political parties and the new wave of unsustainable parties without a plan that can work for the people to disrupt the way we live, as they only aim to create a divide to win their way through to politics.

Educational Excellence: Ealing is home to some excellent schools and educational institutions. Our commitment to providing top-notch education ensures the next generation is well-equipped to succeed and contribute positively to society. However, I still believe that Ealing needs more support to ensure that the education system remains fit for the purpose, including early education, secondary schools, high schools, further education colleges, and higher education. Education is a right, not a privilege.

Local businesses and economy: Our local businesses are the heartbeat of Ealing. From charming cafes and restaurants to unique shops and services, Ealing’s thriving local economy supports jobs and enriches the community. However, the main political parties have let them down. We need to support local businesses more by lowering their tax burden and providing ongoing support through education, skills, and infrastructure. Ealing is not far from the centre of London, yet it still lacks infrastructure that enables SMEs and large organisations.

Accessibility and transport Links: Ealing is exceptionally well-connected, with excellent transport links that make commuting and traveling easy. The recent additions and improvements, including the Elizabeth Line, enhance our connectivity even further. However, ongoing HS2 disruption and inconsiderate roadworks make daily traffic intolerable. There is a huge need to create more accessible and free parking spaces to support local people and businesses. In addition, the ongoing strikes made it miserable for all people in Ealing North using trains. The shortage of trains and drivers on the central line prevented people from getting to their work on time, leading to additional work productivity losses.

Cultural and artistic vibrancy: Ealing has a strong cultural sense, with numerous arts and music festivals, theatres, and galleries. Events like the Ealing Jazz Festival and the Ealing Comedy Festival showcase our borough’s talent and creativity. We need more of this in Ealing North.

Safety and well-being: Ealing used to be a safe and family-friendly borough. I will work tirelessly to ask for more funding for policing and crime prevention to restore the sense of safety people once had. Both parties failed to recruit the numbers we need locally to ensure the police service is utilised beyond its capacity.

Future potential: Finally, what I love most about Ealing is its potential. With the right support and leadership, Ealing North can continue to grow and flourish, becoming an even better place for future generations. We have voted blindly for parties for a long time; no change has happened; it is time we vote for someone who genuinely cares about the local people.

How accessible will you be to Ealing North residents and how can they get in contact with you now and if elected how will you ensure you are accessible to them in the future?
I live in Ealing North and will continue to do so. I am in the area daily, speaking to local people about their personal and public concerns. As a charity chairman and an active community person, I have helped thousands of people.

I will be fully available and accessible to all my local constituents regardless of where or who they are. I am living locally and will remain local once elected as your MP. Therefore, you will always find me face-to-face in my allocated locations for meetings with local members of the public. I can also arrange additional support through digital tools for meetings, phone calls, emails, and written communications. I will spend most of my time within Ealing North to support you in every possible way. Furthermore, my dedicated team will also be available to take any additional details and follow-ups to ensure we can promptly deal with all communications. I have an open-door policy and aim to become your MP to solve your issues and struggles. I will not leave anything in my power to help you. I will do anything possible to ensure you get the support you need. Every one of you is a top priority to me, and all will be treated equally with the full support and respect they deserve.

I am happy to listen to your concerns and take any views or suggestions. You can always email me:

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