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Ealing Southall independent candidate Pedro Da Conceicao on why he wants to become MP

On 4 July 2024, the UK electorate goes to the polls to vote for who they want as their Member of Parliament. 

EALING.NEWS has asked all candidates standing in the three Ealing constituencies of Ealing Central and Acton, Ealing North and Ealing Southall 7 questions about who they are, what they hope to deliver and why they want residents to vote for them. 

Pedro Da Conceicao standing as an independent in Ealing Southall answers the 7 questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself, your priorities for the constituency and why you want to be the next member of Parliament for Ealing Southall.
My name is Pedro Da Conceicao and I have lived in Ealing my entire life.

In recent years I have seen antisocial behaviour become more and more prevalent in this community, especially amongst younger people. Despite repeatedly addressing concerns to my MP nothing was being done and so i decided to run myself. One of my main priorities is to increase programs and schemes for young people to dissuade criminal activity and anti social behaviour. This would ensure that Ealing becomes a safer and better place for all.

Having grown up in this community I would be very well suited to deal with the complex racial and cultural challenges that would arise in  representing this area. Ealing Southall is an extremely diverse constituency, and its leadership has neglected the interests of locals for years.

Locals have reached out to me complaining that their issues have also been ignored by the previous leadership and I concluded that the best solution for the People of Ealing Southall would be for a true community member to represent them.

What motivates you?
I am motivated by the possibility of helping people, I believe that for many years British politics has been plagued by dishonesty and lies. If enough good people decide to enter politics we can all make a true difference, the possibility of making positive change motivates me to pursue the difficult journey of being an independent candidate.

What is your own personal connection to either Ealing Southall or any other part of the borough?
I have been born and raised in Hanwell my entire life and every major milestone and memory of my childhood has been in this borough. I have seen Ealing get progressively worse as increasing child poverty leads young people into crime and violence, its devastating watching a community that I love become increasingly more unsafe and dangerous

What do you consider to be your 5 top political or personal achievements and what impact have they had?
I lobbied my MP to promote initiatives to halt gang violence and knife crime and he agreed to allow me to hold a conference with members of the police and young people, but then he did not go through with it.

What do you consider to be the top 5 challenges Ealing Southall faces and how will you as the MP address them?

  • Poor funding of public services
  • Antisocial behaviour- drug and alcohol abuse
  • Lack of support for small businesses
  • Inequality of opportunity 
  • Lack of safety

I aim to promote cheap and sustainable community based solutions to these problems mainly giving troubled young people more opportunities to succeed in life by promoting apprenticeship schemes. Furthermore, anti-homeless initiatives like community hostels and more soup kitchens should be provided to help support homeless people to get on their feet.

What do you love about the borough of Ealing?
I love the diversity and community that Ealing has to offer, not many communities in the UK get to benefit from a culmination of rich cultures as Ealing does, this helps me want to fight to make Ealing a better and safer place. The diversity teaches us the importance of peaceful coexistence and mutual flourishing

How accessible will you be to Ealing Southall residents and how can they get in contact with you now and if elected how will you ensure you are accessible to them in the future?

I vow to remain easily accessible and in and around the community if iget elected as opposed to previous candidates that were only seen during election times. constituents can email me at or message me on X @pedrodc2024

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