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The Pretty Parlour celebrates International Women’s Day with local dignitaries

Recently launched nail and beauty treatment bar, The Pretty Parlour in Ealing’s The Green has celebrated International Women’s Day with local MP Dr Rupa Huq and Ealing Broadway Councillor Seema Kumar joining in with the celebrations.

The brainchild of lifelong Ealing resident Kimberley Bassaragh-Mills, The Pretty Parlour is all about offering a quality pampering experience for its customers and at a fraction of the price charged in the West End.

Developed as a nail and cocktail bar, it aims to provide an upscale pampering experience for its clientele with much thought going into the products and services it offers. From Veuve Clicquot champagne through to Whittard teas to enjoy while being pampered, The Pretty Parlour uses Bio Sculpture and its range of products to make nails look their best.

EALING.NEWS met up with owner Ms Bassaragh-Mills who explained more.

Tell us about The Pretty Parlour and why is it here in Ealing?
Well, I like to call myself Miss Ealing! I’m born and raised Ealing. I was born in Perivale Maternity Hospital in 1986. I went to St Joseph’s primary school and for high school went to Cardinal Wiseman.

My very first job was when Keith Warner from Ginger Group which had a hairdressers in the high street walked into our school on a careers day and he said there were junior opportunities. I ran to the hairdressers with my CV with my best friend, and we got the job. She had the Saturday and I was a Sunday junior. I worked there from 13 to 18 years old and loved it.

It really made me and the thing that I loved was the camaraderie, the sisterhood and the therapeutic aspects of working in a salon.  I always said this is for me and I’m going to do this one day.  Fast forward 20 years, here I am on the same street and opposite Ginger Group. It’s so surreal, full circle moment for me and a dream realised.

Tell us a bit about what you did after your Sunday job when you were growing up?
I qualified as a social worker and also as a registered children’s home manager. So my whole life has been children in and around the Ealing area.

I opened up with my partner a nursery in Uxbridge where we had children everyday from six months to five years old. And and now we have The Pretty Parlour. It’s really a passion project, something that I dreamed of my whole life. I love Ealing and just giving a really lovely haven for women in and around the Ealing area to come and relax and really be taken care of.

The Pretty Parlour not only has a diverse clientele but also those working for it come from all backgrounds, tell us more.
A lot of the people who work here are from BAME backgrounds. It’s a very diverse team. The most awesome thing about me having a business on this strip is that I am probably, and I walk around, the only mixed race business owner on the road. I’m flying the flag for people like me.

I have a really wonderful mentor. Her name is Mindy Dutton. She is from an Asian background and she introduced me to this world I didn’t know that I could achieve anything like this. I didn’t think that business was anything I was capable of. And you know, from one lady from a BAME background to another, she’s literally handed the baton on to me and I’ve run with everything that she’s taught me. So I need to do that for others, the next generation.

The Pretty Parlour is not just for ladies, tell us about what you do for men
We offer man experiences as well. We all work really, really hard,  we’re standing on our feet all the time. And you know, you just come here, grab a drink in really nice serene environment and you get your pedicure done.

We also pioneered the new date night.  We call it love, liquor and like as our couples can join us here and get a duo pedi together and have a drink and just be really pampered and taken care of.

For Ms Bassaragh-Mills, Ealing is the natural home to The Pretty Parlour
I couldn’t be anywhere else. I love Ealing and Ealing has raised me.

Joining in with the celebrations was local MP for Ealing Central and Acton Dr Rupa Huq and Ealing Broadway Councillor Seema Kumar.

Speaking to EALING.NEWS, Dr Huq said: “I’m really impressed with everything I’ve seen. I love the concept, where it’s a very calming space.  You walk in off the street where it’s very busy and it’s lovely to be here. And all the different treatments they do and combining it with cocktails as well,  what a great combination and it’s an all girl power team. BAME women as well running the place. I wish them every success. ”

Councillor Kumar said: “It’s really unique. I love the deco. I think it’s the only one of its kind in our high street or in our shopping area.  I think they’re going to do really really well. I love the different beauty treatments that they offer and they’re all charming.”

The Pretty Parlour is located at 22 The Green, Ealing, London W5 5DA
Tel: 0208 259 4388

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