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Meet the man raising awareness of prostate cancer to residents across Ealing

In January and February across Ealing, Trevor Walker has been raising awareness to residents of prostate cancer as part of a health and inequalities roadshow organised by Ealing & Hounslow CVS.

For EALING.NEWS, Mr Walker explains why he is an awareness volunteer for Orchid, a charity for men that are fighting cancer and the importance to be tested for prostate cancer.

“3 cheers for His Majesty King Charles! By breaking with tradition and announcing the reason for his operation he has made men think and increased the enquiries about the prostate by 11 times!! He is to be warmly congratulated.

“The test for an enlarged prostate is the same as one for prostate cancer so this is truly great! It is a digital rectal examination which means a finger in the back passage to see if the prostate is larger than normal, is hard or uneven ETC.”

“Many men are scared or embarrassed but we all have an anus and surely 5 minutes of mild discomfort is better than months of it or the cancer growing

“I have been an awareness volunteer for prostate cancer and other male cancers for some years- why? I was saved by catching it early!

First some brief facts

  • Around 12000 men will die from the cancer each year -one every 45 minutes! Around 20% are diagnosed with advanced cancer- so?
  • Sadly around 1 in 8 men will suffer from it – 1 in 4 if Afro-Caribbean.
  • Like all cancers it should be caught early but most men – like me – do not have symptoms in the early stages
  • It runs in the family and is more common in older men.
  • Women suffer emotionally and maybe financially if a loved one has the cancer and men who have undergone gender reassignment will still have a prostate so can suffer from it.
  • The PSA is a blood test. It is not perfect – what is? – but it is the best non-invasive test, is improving constantly – indeed in some places there are testing vehicles in supermarket car parks.

“But I am going to tell you a story

“In early 1996 I had a well man’s medical which included a PSA blood test. This indicated that I had the cancer and after other tests it was confirmed. It turned out to be aggressive and in 1998 I had to decide what to do.

“Today there are alternatives but these were limited then so on the basis of “better bled than dead” I had it removed. Things went quite well until it returned 10 years later and I had radiotherapy (Then as now I have a PSA test each year)

“This left me with a few minor problems but eh! I am alive and kicking and annoying folks some 28 years later.

“What’s more in the year of my op my beloved grandson was born and from when he was three we actually brought him up because of his mother‘s sad health issues and he is now 26 and is a teacher. In 2003 we celebrated 60 years of lovely married life. Two wonderful experiences along with many others and have been there for our daughter. I would not have been alive if I had not had that PSA test!

“So ladies and partners, I do not normally advocate nagging but in this case I will make an exception. If your man has symptoms such as being form a  vulnerable community, there is cancer is in the family, he’s over 45/50 please tell him to be tested!

“Quite simply you could save his life!

“And men, don’t be a mug and just shrug! Go and see you’re a doctor about having the PSA test. It’s not macho to ignore but plain daft! You know it makes sense and hopefully you will be there for your loved ones, have fun with them and see them grow up.


Mr Walker can be reached by email: or by calling 07768 796 6128

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